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Sting Ring for Self Defense

Meet one of the small yet smart personal security and protection device

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In these times, people often feel unsafe especially when there are many instances that some other people will try to assault you in the least unexpected moment. In that case, we must always be vigilant of our surrounding and take extra caution whenever we leave the house and start with our daily endeavors.

We’ve been told many times to be careful and avoid places that may be dangerous especially for parents who may be worried about their kids’ whereabouts. While there are pepper sprays that most of us have, it’s also better to have something that you can really rely on in case of emergency.sting ring stun gun security protection device

The Streetwise Sting Ring is one of the most discrete protections that we can give our loved ones to ensure their safety or take initial measures in the event of being in a dangerous situation. It is a stun gun that is easy to use and carry by anyone and is not as obvious as others. Use it for self defense if necessary by just squeezing it with your hands and be able to save yourself. The Streetwise Sting Ring basically looks like an ordinary ring but its base is hidden in your hands and can be activated during panic situations. It’s practically small and lightweight which eliminates the usual bulky self defense products.

I like the idea on how the users can conceal the base of the ring and still be able to act fast in given situations. It could be one of the most useful things to give someone to give them protection. As a parent, one of the biggest dilemma that we might have would be ensuring our children’s safety and this could be very useful for them the moment they start traveling on their own.

This stun gun ring also has safety feature to prevent it from battery discharge. It has a safety switch to make sure that it can be used in case of emergency. It’s also a unique birthday present if you are looking for something that’s really useful, something that the receiver would appreciate to have and realize the importance of being safe all the time.

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