Stringin’ It 3D Light Show

The suite of entertainment comes to your home

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Tired of roaming for 3D shows? For 3D shows you need a device through which you can create images but no this Stringing’ It 3D Light Show needs no devices , It creates a vacuum and all the designs and spirals , waves are created in the dark room , you get to enjoy this amazing 3D show. Don’t Worry your hunt for fascinating 3D shows now comes to an end? You can have it at home, Yes I am not joking, Here we are introducing Stringing’ It-3D Light Show. It’s a complete example of high-technology. The suite of entertainment comes to your home. The specifications are amazing, it is Hand-held or table top optical illusion toy,

User-controllable light colours and string movements Hypnotic, magical, multi-dimensional effects Requires 4 AA batteries, not included.


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