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Surprise PyroPet Cat Candle


Discover something unique inside as you melt this cat…

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Finding a unique gift for someone who is celebrating their birthday or for any other occasion is not easy all the time. With so many gift ideas available right now to choose from, you still wanted something unique, something that not everybody already has. I usually go online to find something nice for a present and when I saw this candle, I thought that it was just another candle in the market.

The PyroPet Kisa Candle, to my surprise, is actually different from the others. Not only it has geometric shape design, something inside it is waiting to be discovered. Since it has the shape of a cat, you will see a metallic skeleton of a cat as the candle melts. Halfway the candle would show its head where in the hole for the eyes would look fierce with the smoke coming out. You will be able to see the whole part as the candle melts until the bottom.

The idea is definitely unique, which makes it a really cool birthday gift. I got these candles for my colleagues during our Christmas party and everybody just loves it. It comes in three different colors, black, gray and pink. This gives you the option to choose which the person would like the most.

The candle lasts for about 20 hours and does not give out any weird smell. It’s made of paraffin wax, a cotton wick and aluminum for the skeleton. It measures somewhere between 5 to 6 inches and is fairly big for a candle. It’s also best to have a plate under the candle to collect the melted wax as they are not included.

If you are considering this for a birthday gift, the PyroPet Kisa Candle comes in a neat gift box which makes it perfect for giving. Anyone who will get this candle will truly be amazed for what is about to come out. The only problem that you might get would be having the courage to light the candle as the design is really cool. It really did break my heart to see it melt the first time as I really wanted to see what’s inside. However, I managed to get another and this time it’s for keeps.

cat candle skull skeletoncat candle skull skeletoncat candle skull skeleton cat candle skull skeleton cat candle skull skeleton

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