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The Longest Worm Candy

gummy worm largest

Bite into this huge gummy worm candy and don’t be scared to share

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Typically, you see gummy treats in the market in different colors, shapes and sizes. Most kids can’t actually decide which to get as there are just too many to choose from. When it comes to the taste, I guess the most typical would be fruit flavors, mostly sour and some a little bit sweet. There are also some that are really sour, and surprisingly a lot of people want them too, even the kids.

During birthday parties, gummy worms are a sure hit, they are either part of the dessert treats or given to guests as part of the party bags. However, when your gummy worm is about 26 inches in size, I think you may have to reconsider, not only because they are too big but surely you would want to experience eating them by yourself too, that is if you

The world’s largest gummy worm has finally been discovered and it weighs about 3 pounds. It has a cherry and blue raspberry flavor which is definitely something to try. Its diameter is around one and a half inch so just imagine it compared to the usual sized gummy worms. I’m not really sure on how long it would take to eat it which gives me a great idea of having it as part of the birthday games.

On the other hand, it also makes a nice birthday gift for kids while I’m sure some grownups would be happy as well. This world’s largest gummy worm is actually 125 times bigger than the average type of gummy worms. Its color is also amazing; it’s a clear red and blue. Everything seems to be all the same even the design of the body and the curves only it is much bigger literally.

Although it is really tempting to eat them right away, I suggest you take a bit every day so that it would last for a long time. When cut, they would look like jellos but taste like gummies which makes it a cute treat for the kids as well. Make them work for it by giving the kids slices of it for a job well done at home or at school. And since it’s very long, you are covered for the coming weeks.

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