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This Copycat Is One Fine Thing

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Two Spheres Make a Copycat Table Lamp By Micheal Anastassiades for Flos

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Do you know that two simple spheres, when put side by side, can beautifully brighten your room? This Copycat table lamp, newly introduced by Micheal Anastassiades for retailer company, Flos, can illuminate a room with a LED source and a lighting beam, as well as bring a dash of modishness and sophistication to the overall look of one’s interiors.

There’s a small sphere that holds a light source and there’s a bigger sphere that diffuses the light, spreading it evenly to all directions. When these two spheres are placed close together, putting their surfaces into contact, they act as support to each other in a harmonious balance. The smaller sphere is made of precious material and has various finishes – aluminum, black, copper, or gold. It is put under the shade of the larger one, which is a blown glass opal diffuser. So, get your own Copycat table lamp, place it on your side table, and see its stylish effect.

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