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Tissue’s Knight in Shining Armor

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A Knight to Remember Gothic Bath Tissue Holder by Design Toscano

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Planning to live in a Victorian Gothic era place? Then you can start doing so with several gothic pieces that’re slowly filling your home. You may have asked your designer to achieve that roman-gothic inspired home spaces, like your kitchen and bedroom. Then why not do the same even in your comfort room and washroom. Pay attention to those tiny details, including your tissue holder. A Knight to Remember Gothic Bath Tissue Holder by Design Toscano offers the tiny details you need.

Its tissue holder is a proud knight made of sturdy resin and carefully hand-painted to achieve a beautifully gothic finished knight tissue holder. It has a one keyhole slot for hanging and holds a roll of tissue with measurements of 11 inches W, 13 inches H and 7 inches depth. Aside from its primary function, this piece of art is an added statement to your favorite (or not so) parts of your house. After all, it’s quite an entertaining sight to look at pulling out a tissue from a handsome little knight!

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