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Lamp with Bluetooth Speakers


Light up your nights and listen to good music at the same time!

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Make your nights feel and look better with the Elecstars LED Touch Bedside Lamp. The lamp also has a speaker function where in you can connect your mobile phones or gadgets via Bluetooth. This allows you to listen to music or even answer your calls hands free. The Elecstars LED Touch Bedside Lamp also has available ports auxiliary ports to directly plug in your music players such as iPods. The Bluetooth LED light is lit when your device is already connected.

The speaker also has a Micro SD card port to which you can just plug in your TF cards. So if you have existing SD cards with your favorite selection of songs in it, then you don’t have to use its Bluetooth features anymore.

Using it as a night lamp also gives you different options to choose from, it has 2 modes that will determine whether you wanted a white light or the multicolored one. The first mode offers 3 brightness levels which can be done by just simply touching the top portion of the lamp. On the other hand, the colored lights mode can be achieved by doing a 2 second touch on the top as well. This includes 6 colors that include red, blue, green, purple, pink and yellow.

The Elecstars LED Touch Bedside Lamp uses 1800MA battery. When fully charged, the lamp can stay lit for about 10 hours which is the same for music playing. When power of the lamp is low, you will hear a voice prompt. With that said, its always better to charge the lamp if you plan to use it overnight during your sleep as you might get surprised when you hear the voice prompt.

This particular product is not only great for personal use but also as a great birthday gift idea for your loved ones. If you are looking for a nice and useful birthday gift for men, this will surely count as most of them would love to have its speaker features. Although I got these items for my kids, as they love to have a night lamp, I was so sure that my husband was jealous that he didn’t get one.

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