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Tower Building Blocks for Kids


A great game that helps to think and practice patience!

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A lot would agree that most kids nowadays tend to get themselves busy playing on their tablets and other gaming gadgets than having an activity outside or playing with other kids. Most parents would try to think of ways on how they can get their kids active and what products to get to get them more involved and learn social skills. I can’t blame the kids though especially if they see their parents do the same thing most of the time. Mom and dad usually get too busy at work that they often bring home work at times. However, there are a lot of ways that parents can bond with their kids that doesn’t require going out and still being able to do some activity and tons of fun and creativity. The Lewo Wooden Tumbling Tower Building Blocks is made especially for kids so that they can recognize colors, are able to count and be able to build on their own towers.stacking-wooden-tower-block-game

The size of each block is just right to fit their tiny hands while adults are also guilty of having too much fun playing. This Tower Building Blocks has 48 pieces plus a die that tells you what color to move. Players can also decide not to use the die and just plan their next move and avoid the tower from falling.wooden-block-tower-game-48pcs

This has been a very common activity for most families as players could be of any age except for those that are below 3 years old. It’s a perfect birthday gift for kids since they can do so many things with the blocks such as lining them up, stacking them, as dominoes or simply make anything out of it.

Aside from the fun that it can bring, it also helps the children become creative and learn something including how to balance the blocks, hand and eye coordination and problem solving. While for adults, it can be used as a drinking game.tumbling-tower-wooden-block-game

Spending quality time with the little ones are really important and having these kinds of games and activities where in the parents can actually join and have fun will help a lot as the kids will grow up to be more happy, confident and be able to express themselves as well.tumbling-tower-gift-for-kids

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