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Ultra Thin Portable Power Bank


Slim Design and Fast Charging 12000mAh Power Bank

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I remember the times where in people don’t use mobile phones yet. Its either we use our home phone or go to the nearest payphone station in order to make a call. A bit sentimental but that was priceless, just imagine meeting with someone and still be able to meet that person even without sending a text message telling them where you are exactly. Nowadays, things have really changed. Its funny how most people can’t live without mobile phones and how they have become an important thing in our lives. Because of that, we also can’t afford to have a low battery while on the go. This is basically why most of us would need a portable power bank just to make sure that we can always charge our gadgets wherever we

If you are looking for power bank for yourself or even as a birthday gift for a friend or family, having this DULLA M50000 is really nice. Not only it has 12000mah worth of battery charge but it also features slim design that is perfect for having it all the time. It only weighs 0.63 pounds and is 0.5 inch thin. This definitely ends the era of having a dinosaur type of power bank that you would really wish not to bring or have inside your bag since they really are

It also charges two gadgets at the same time, a mobile phone and a tablet going dead soon would never be a problem again. It works with Apple products such as iPhone 6 and 7 variations including iPads, as well as Samsung devices. Be able to charge your mobile phones 5 times before you need to charge the power bank itself. Now that’s definitely a lot of charging especially if you plan to go hiking or travel to other places.

It comes in 4 different nice colors which are black, silver, gold and rose gold. Perfect for iPhone users who wanted to have matching colors. I got the silver one and I really love it. The LED light is also useful for finding stuff in the dark. It’s like having a handy flashlight when you need it fast. There are also light indicators to let you know how much charging can be done before the power bank is totally drained.power-bank-portable-best

This super fast charger is safe to use with most gadgets and comes with 30 days money back guarantee. It also offers 18 months of warranty including wonderful customer service professionals if you need assistance.

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