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Unique Birthday Gift Ideas


Check out few unique birthday gifts for summer! Send us your list too!!

Chances are you know someone who has everything or is just too special to get an ordinary birthday gift. If you’re looking for something extra special, or something one-of-a-kind for that unique person in your life, our list is here to help you find that perfect gift.

Unique Night Lights

If your out-of-this-world birthday boy or girl is also a night owl, this high-tech SOKOS Nightlight would make the perfect unique birthday gift. This 3-D visualization night light comes in seven different designs — everything from a turtle to a space ship. The touch-switch feature also allows you to cycle through seven different colors so they can illuminate their space with whatever color suits their mood. This lamp requires no set-up either — just plug in any enjoy!sokos-nightlite-3d-birthday-gift

Oil Diffuser Necklace

Many jobs come with lots of stress, If your one-of-a-kind butterfly could use with some extra relaxation day to day consider this Tree Of Life Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace to help them stay cool, calm, and collected under even the highest pressure situations. The 24-inch chain and stainless steel locket construction means this necklace won’t break after just a few wears. Simply switch out the cotton pads inside the locket to wear whatever oil they need for the day. This kit comes with four essential oils: zen (which is a blended oil), lavender, peppermint, andinner peace (another blend). Peppermint oil is great for headaches, alertness, and concentration. Lavender oil is great for calmness and serenity. Or, they can make their own blend to craft their perfect scent!oil-diffuser-necklace-birthday-gift-for-her

Mermaid Tail Blanket

Does your birthday girl secretly wish she was a mermaid? Take one small step to help fulfill her dreams with this Coroler Adorable Mermaid Tail Blanket. This blanket is perfect for snuggling up on the couch with her favorite “take-me-away” story, movie, or TV show. This blanket comes in a ton of different colors so you can find the perfect color to reflect her specialness. These blankets also double as a lightweight sleeping bag! With large dimensions you can be sure this blanket will be long enough for even tall ladies.Coroler-Adorable-Mermaid-Tail-Blanket-Snuggle-Sleeping-Bags

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

I don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t know a single person that couldn’t use some help saving time in the mornings. Plus, if they’re like me and most of everyone else, chances are they didn’t get enough sleep anyway. Give them the birthday gift of a hassle-free and delicious breakfast with this Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker. They can throw in any ingredients they like and instantly have a hot and yummy breakfast sandwich any day of the week.. No more just starving until lunchtime! This thing is a breeze to clean, easy to set-up, and even easier to use. It takes just five minutes to assemble the breakfast of champions.Hamilton-Beach-Breakfast-Sandwich-Maker

Wooden Teaser Puzzle

If your uniquester loves a good puzzle, this Hidden Passage: Handmade & Organic 3D Brain Teaser Wooden Puzzle for Adults is the perfect birthday gift. Like an adult Rubix cube with an even cooler aesthetic, this wooden teaser puzzle puts their logic and spatial reasoning to the test while still looking amazingly cool. Completely handmade, organize, and sustainably sourced, this puzzle isn’t just challenging for the mind, it’s challenging factory farming, too. Made from organic monkeypod wood and comes with a lifetime guarantee.Handmade-Organic-3D-Brain-Teaser-Wooden-Puzzle

United States Pin Map

For the “Not all who wander are lost,” crowd, is a lowkey gift to help them keep track of all their past travels and plan future adventures. This handmade Push Pin Cork Travel Map of the United States is perfect for the wall at home, in the office, in a dorm, or wherever! The simplistic design makes it blend in with any decor, or they can jazz it up however they’d like. Can easily be framed, and comes with 50 pins (one for each state!)Push-Pin-Cork-Travel-Map-of-the-United-States-travel-gift

Personalized Camera Strap

Photographers, no matter their age, are never without their camera. They never miss an opportunity to get that perfect shot. For that special photographer in your life who truly needs something all their own, is this beautiful, handmade Personalized camera strap. Made from durable and long-lasting real cowhide leather, this strap can be customized with their name or the name of their photography business. Reviewers say the strap is super comfortable to wear, no unnecessary rubbing or chafing around the neck. This strap looks gorgeous and serves it’s function well, making it an ideal birthday gift for your unique artist.
We all know someone who just impossible to shop for in a conventional  store. Either they seem to have it all, or are just too special for an ordinary gift. With a gift from our list you are getting your uniquester something truly as one-of-a-kind as they are!Personalized-camera-strap

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