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Video and Selfie Chatlight


Get awesome photos and quality videos with this light bar!

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If you ever had problems doing facetime using your phone, tablet or even laptop due to lack of front camera light, this Chatlight from Glowzi may solve the problem for you. It’s a LED light that you can attach on your mobile gadgets and use it as your selfie light to enhance your videos or photos. Perfect for those who loves to take good looking selfies. The Chatlight video and selfie LED light is very portable and easy to attach in to almost any gadget that you have. The bulbs can last for about 50,000 hours. This means a long time of use while a single charge of it would last for about 120 minutes. This saves you the hassle or spending a lot on batteries since all you need is a wall outlet or a USB port for charging.

Since Chatlight is expandable, using it even on your laptop is not a problem. It provides enough lighting when doing web interviews or even online meetings with your colleagues. Other uses of Chatlight would be lighting up your keyboard or even books that you love to read even in the dark.

chatlight, video calling light, selfie light, ipad light, smartphone lightThe light bar can be rotated to focus on particular place where you needed the light to be projected. Chatlight’s light bar has brightness adjustments too so that you use only what you need. It’s also easy to carry around which makes it very portable and easy to place inside your bag. You’ll never know when you’re going to need it so better be ready all the time.

chatlight, video calling light, selfie light, ipad light, smartphone lightSince almost all people depend heavily on their mobile phones and other gadgets, having the Chatlight is definitely useful in a lot of ways. Not only it can make your selfies look better when it comes to image quality, but it can also be functional even for business use. Book reading will also be a better experience with enough light from Chatlight that most people are fond of. The winning feature of this gadget is the rechargeable option which is very economical. Use it for your own or get as a birthday gift for her or anybody you think that would love to have one!chatlight, video calling light, selfie light, ipad light, smartphone light

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