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Vintage Astronaut Space Suit

vintage astronaut sweatshirt birthday gift

Detailed astro suit that’s comfortable to wear – Astronauts Approved!

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If you ever dreamed of becoming an astronaut but just missed on the chance of becoming one; let’s just say you woke up late or forgot your suit at the laundry; then this could save your day. This Vintage Astronaut Space Suit made by Fusion is definitely one of a kind. I admit that they are actually sweaters but the details are just on the spot. It looks real from afar and you would even think that there are some parts that look like they were just attached to the sweater. I guess the only give away would be the missing helmets and of course astronaut shoes.

The sweater is made of 45% fleece, 45% polyester and 10% elastane; nevertheless, they are very comfortable to wear. It’s great to wear for costume parties or other events wherein you’re supposed to wear something unique. This will surely be an eye catcher for everyone and you wouldn’t even feel uncomfortable sporting it for a day!

The prints on the suit are made of high quality that makes it look very nice and clear. It is also sewn perfectly that you won’t even notice any loose threads hanging around. The design is an original from Fusion which gives you the guarantee that they are well made. Its soft fabric makes the sweater not only comfortable for the user but also other people who may want to feel and touch it, especially if they wanted to know if it’s real or not. And with all these attention to its detail, you’d be surprised to know that it doesn’t need any extra special care when it comes to washing the sweater.

If you are looking for some cool birthday gift options, this could be one of the best to consider. It fits both men and women and they have sizes to fit them well. I’m actually planning to get this for my sister and her husband as a gift as the suit looks great for couples to sport around. And if ever they decide to make one for kids too, surely I’d be the first in line, who wouldn’t love a family of astronaut right?

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