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Wall Mounted Fish Bowl

Wrapables Fish Bubble Wall Mounted Fish Bowl

Create more beautiful wall displays with these wall mounted aquariums

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Most people have an aquarium at home where in they can take care of different fishes that gives them a refreshing feeling whenever they look at it. I used to own two aquariums before and have observed that not all types of fishes are supposed to be joining other kinds. Decorating your aquariums or fish bowls are also exciting and stress relieving since it somehow makes you feel closer to nature. And as you see them grow, it would be like having a pet dog that would stay with you for a long time. The Fish Bubble Wall Mounted by Wrapables brings you a different take on taking care of your fish and displaying your aquarium. Instead of having them on top of your furniture, these Wrapables allows you to mount them on your wall. Imagine walking in the hallway and having a glimpse of your goldfish all the time, the idea is actually fun!

There are times that you wanted to give someone a fish bowl especially if when they don’t have one yet at home. These wall mounted fish bowls would be a great alternative especially if you are looking for a unique birthday gift for someone. You can put on some pebbles, live plants and some tiny decorations to make the fish feel at home. It can carry about half gallon of waters which makes it ideal for a fish or two depending on the kind that you have.

Setting up the wall mounted fish bowl is very easy. When mounted, it gives you a view of a sphere in half. You can also see clearly through the bowl to make sure your fish is having fun. I’d like to try it with some LED lights too; I think it would look better if there’s a little light especially at night time. And because of its uniqueness, you can expect other people visiting you to be amazed. Just have to make sure that you clean them regularly so that your fish is always healthy and that it stays happy in its new home.

Also, if incase you prefer not to use live fish, having it as a wall decoration is also awesome. Put on some lights and make it even more beautiful.

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