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Wearable Torch Coat Heater


Gift something new and techie… this winter!

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Sometimes, we feel so lazy going out during a cold season.  The freezing cold seems to lock our every joint, and makes us difficult to make even a single move.  We prefer to be at our room where thick comforters help us feel warm, or hang around the living room while the fireplace is burning, or perhaps turn portable heaters on just to fight the old weather.

Did you know that we can get warmer by just putting our simple coats on? Yes! What you just need is the Torch! The world’s first heater created that fits on to any type of coat.  Turning the Torch on keeps you warm even when you are strolling outside during winter/cold season.  The relaxing warmth it provides help you to comfortably move to whatever position.

The Torch is battery operated.  It is rechargeable, and one full charging could give you heat up to five hours.  It has four heat settings to choose from.  You can adjust the setting, and there you go! you can feel the heat that you desire.

The well design Torch fits seamlessly inside any coat. It’s thin and won’t give you bulky feeling.  And if you are planning to buy a new coat because the old one is not good at providing warmth, better buy the Torch.  It could be used to all your jackets.

Not just ideal for winter season, the Torch could also be a great buddy when you travel and you feel cold inside the plane, train, or bus.  Moreover, it’s a perfect companion too when you are out for camping, hunting, skiing, ice skating, etc.

And by the way, staying warm helps you maintain a good flow of blood, which you really need when you move.  The Torch isn’t just merely a heat provider to keep you comfortable in cold situation but it also helps you maintain good health.

If you’re looking for a perfect gift to anyone, consider this Torch Coat Heater and let your warmth be felt by them.

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