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Where’s My Elephant Ride? By Vitra Eames


Adorable ride-on elephant toy for kids and kids at heart!

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I think most of us would agree that somewhere during our childhood, we once had an elephant toy of stuffed toy that brightens up our day. Elephants are one of the cuddliest and cutest animal toys that you can get aside from Teddy bears because of their huge ears and long trunks. And who would have thought that riding them could be enjoyable as much as riding toy horses too?

A Unique Ride

This plastic elephant toy from Vitra Eames is ideal for kids while some parents may find it attractive as well; that’s a warning! Children can ride the elephant and use it both outdoors and indoors. It comes in different colors which makes it a cool birthday gift idea for kids. Riding the elephant is also very comfortable since it is designed for comfort as well as safety. It’s made of batch-dyed polypropylene and has a matt surface. It measures 16.5″ H x 16.25″ W x 31″ L which makes it a great toy for toddlers as well as kids.

A Room Décor

Originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1945, the Vitra Eames can also serve as a wonderful decoration to your child’s bedroom or playroom. With its flat back, it could also serve as a tiny shelf for books, a stool for a small table and many more!

Since elephants look friendly in their nature, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this becomes an instant favorite piece in the house for most children. And with its huge floppy ears, the Vitra Eames elephants are surely to get a lot of hugs from kids as well.

My kid is turning 9 soon and she loves to collect elephant stuff too. Although I think that this item is designed for younger kids to ride on, she’ll definitely find this very adorable and would absolutely find a good use for it even if it means putting it at the corner of her room together with her other elephant toys. So if you know someone who shares the same likes, this ride-on elephant toy should be part of your birthday gift ideas list!

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