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Storm Resistant Umbrella


Protect Yourself From Sun and Rain with This Senz Umbrella

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Weatherproof yourself and your loved ones when you get out of your home or office. This Senz original storm resistant umbrella that also provides UV50+ sun protection is something that you can give yourself, your family members, or friends as a birthday present. For its current affordable price, you can already shield yourself from the harsh effects of the sun, the wind, and the rain.

The good thing about this specially designed umbrella is that it has aerodynamic wind resistant structure. In fact, its canopy is asymmetrical and is wing styled. From its front to back, the canopy measures 93cm, while from side to side, it is 84cm long. Given this design, you can really shield your front or your back from the rain, wherever the wind is blowing. It is also handy as it can be as 76cm long once folded. It is something you can put on your bag and carry with you wherever you go. So, if you are shopping for something that you can give yourself on your birthday, this is the perfect present that you should consider.

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