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Winter Bearded Beanie Hat


Windproof knitted hat to keep her warm.. and funny too!

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For winter seasons, people start to get stuff that can warm their body or face. But as we all get busy for shopping winter clothes, let’s not forget the people who will be celebrating their birthdays too. This came up when I saw this unique, funny and yet useful gift idea that fits both men and women and even kids.

This Vbiger Beard Hat Beanie Hat Knit comes in different colors and designs. Some have ox horns; tentacles of an octopus, what looks like a roman soldier’s helmet and of course Santa Claus. These hats are made of quality woolen yarn that makes you feel warm in colder season. However, with its unique design, you’ll surely love to wear them and surely get noticed right away.

The octopus shape is one of the best designs you can get. Its supposed tentacles are the ones that are used to cover from your nose down to your neck. Although it may seem funny it’s actually very comfortable to use. The tentacles do not actually cover your mouth so you can still breathe freely. This knitted hat is very soft so it’s not irritating to wear it for hours. And even if it’s made of yarn, you wouldn’t see any big holes or loose loops that would sabotage its design. The eyeholes are also perfectly made and provide enough space for you to see, it even fits well even when used by kids. The size of the hat works great for adults and even kids; it would actually be a great idea if you are looking for some birthday gifts for her.

If you wanted to have some warm beanies and be able to sport some funny look, the Vbiger Beard Hat Beanie would be a great choice. With many colors and designs available, the probability of having just one would be impossible. Not only it’s a great gift for birthdays but also a cool costume for some events. Some can use it for Halloween to scare them away or maybe during Christmas season for the Santa Claus design. Just remember to hand wash this beanie for proper care and longtime use.

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