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Wireless Karaoke Mic w/Speakers


Sing you hearts out and bring your karaoke anywhere you go!

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NeWisdom Magic Wireless Karaoke

If you love to sing just about anywhere you go, you would usually have your mp3 players or mobile phones together with a Bluetooth speaker. Especially on celebrations, people would most of the time spend some time signing which can be best partnered with a few drinks. In our family, karaoke time is not done only when there are parties in the house, every day could be a karaoke day especially that most of us are music lovers. However, there are times that you have to travel or visit a friend’s house that may not have one, and as much as everyone loves to sing, without a microphone, it seems impossible. In times like this, you would wish you have the NeWisdom Magic Wireless Karaoke. This product is really great for people who love to sing anywhere they go. It is a microphone that has a built-in speaker and can be connected via Bluetooth to you mobile devices.

karaoke-wireless-bluetooth-NeWisdom-micAlthough I really wanted this for myself, I thought that it would be a great birthday gift for kids as they too enjoy singing a lot, although I’m pretty sure they would lend me the karaoke microphone whenever they are at school.

The NeWisdom Magic Wireless Karaoke is lightweight so you can definitely sing for hours. You can also record while you sing since it has an SD card slot which can be used to save your favorite song as well and sing them anytime you want. The microphone comes with a charger and stays on for about 4 to 5 hours with each charge. It is also fully compatible with most devices such as Apple phones and tablets as well as for Android users.wireless-karaoke-mic-gift-for-kids-newisdom

Another nice thing about this microphone is that it has a color changing LED lights at the bottom of the microphone or around the speakers. There are 6 colors available and they really look amazing especially if you dim the light in the room. You can also consider this item as present for your friends and other family members who love to sing as well. Not only it will bring you loads of fun and quality time but also discover your hidden talent.

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