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Workout While at Work

fit desk under desk elliptical

Get ready for some leg exercise at work with this under desk elliptical by FitDesk

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It’s sometimes hard to keep up with exercise when we also have to think about our daily work especially if you are stuck in the office for hours. In fact, for those who spend around 8 hours at the office, plus the travel time, you wouldn’t find a decent time to do your regular workout unless the weekend comes. With that said, wouldn’t it be nice to do both at the same time?

This FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical exercise equipment may be the answer to this problem. Simply have them under your office table and do your leg workout even if you are doing some paper works! When we are at work, our body tends to lack in activity and what better way to have some by having this elliptical under desk workout equipment from FitDesk.elliptical-desk-exercise

The FitDesk features a low pedal rotation height which is 8 inches. This avoids your knees from hitting the table. It uses a magnetic fluid resistance which makes it quiet during operation. This means that you don’t have to worry about making noise and disturbing other people in the work place. The pedals also come in a large platform to ensure that it can accommodate most users regardless their size.

It also has built in wheels to make transportation and putting it in place easier. After use, you can easily pull them using the wheels so you don’t have to carry all its weight. Its sturdy build makes it very durable which is designed for longer use. And if you feel like you need a quick massage on your tired feet, its built in foot massager can definitely help you relive the pains.under-desk-exercise

Considering about how it works, I guess it would be a great idea to have it as a present for someone who you think might be stressing a lot from work. Not only they can continue to do their jobs while in the office but also keeping them active while sitting is one of the best advantages that they can get. Consider it if you are looking for a useful birthday gift for men or even women and give them more reasons to stay healthy and energetic.desk-exercise-equipment

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