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Yellow Spill Paint Desk Lamp for Kids

LumiSource Desk Lamp birthday gift for kids

An Awesome and Creative Yellow Lamp for every kid’s room!

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If you are currently shopping for a great lamp that not only makes a room brighter but is also made with awesome design, then look no more. This WOOPSY Yellow Desk Lamp will definitely look great in every room especially for the kids! It looks like a yellow paint is spilling from the bucket which makes it really interesting and adorable.

Different Colors for Different Users

The WOOPSY Desk Lamp also comes in different colors that you can choose from. This gives you different shades to match your rooms or your kids’ room. The vibrant colors available will truly help you express your personality as well as giving you the right amount of light when you need it.

The lamp is very lightweight and measures about 15 inches. This spilling paint bucket lamp may be little in size but it can provide you with enough amount of light during bed time. It is also dimmable so you can adjustment the brightness; it is AC powered so it saves you from buying batteries all the time. The inline switch also makes it easier to turn on and off and is within reach from the bedside table.

Perfect for Kids!

Looking for an adorable and functional lamp will provide you with a long list especially if you wanted something fun for the kids. Good thing this WOOPSY Desk Lamp is made available and even comes in 6 different colors. It also makes a great birthday gift idea for kids or any other special occasions. They will definitely love the design and the great ambiance that it gives the room.

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